HTC's Exodus is a privacy-focused blockchain-powered smartphone

HTC's Exodus is a privacy-focused blockchain-powered smartphone

The phone is named Exodus, and its main features are a universal wallet and built-in secure hardware, facilitating the use of cryptocurrencies and decentralised apps, or DApps.

Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC will introduce their first Blockchain phone to the market in October, the device will be available for purchase with Bitcoin.

Chen further explained that he hopes the Exodus' mobile hardware layer will give end consumer the ability to "truly own their data". Others, including Huawei, have announced that it will also be making a Blockchain smartphone. HTC's Phil Chen, who created the HTC Vive headset and is now spearheading the company's blockchain efforts, has confirmed that, through Exodus, HTC will support Bitcoin, Lightning Networks, Ethereum, Dfinity, and more. Now, HTC is developing a new Android phone that will be powered by the blockchain technology. It will also be interesting to know whether or not the HTC Exodus will employ a sandboxed environment for tighter security. The Taiwanese company announced at the Consensus 2018 Blockchain Conference in NY that the blockchain based Exodus will be available in October. Moreover, it is expected that HTC will accept cryptocurrency as a way of payment for its new phone.

The phone called Finney comes embedded with a secure cold storage crypto wallet and runs on SIRIN OS and Token Conversion Service.

HTC has followed in footsteps of Sirin Labs who announced a blockchain powered smartphone previous year. Chen said that he believes that a blockchain-powered smartphone might inspire a new wave of decentralized systems, in the same way that the availability of computers once paved the way for the makings of the internet. "With the release of the HTC Exodus we can now make this a reality".

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