White House condemns Iran rocket attacks against Israel

White House condemns Iran rocket attacks against Israel

Israel has warned it will not allow Iran to establish a military presence close to its borders in Syria, where Iranian military advisers, troops, and allied Shi'ite militia have since 2011 played a key role backing Assad in his civil war against Sunni rebels. The goods brought in by container represent only 15% to 20% of total trade, but they are the goods that make the difference between the 21st and 19th centuries as far as most Iranians are concerned. In the recent Lebanese parliamentary elections, Hezbollah successfully campaigned on domestic issues.

It seems, though, that having a stable Syria as a neighbor would be more important to Israel than any short-term goal achieved in striking Iranian forces - who, for better or worse, are fighting ISIS and other extremists groups. Reports indicate that "nearly all of Iran's military infrastructure" in Syria was hit, totaling between thirty and fifty sites.

Indeed, calling this a bit of a "head-scratching moment", Alvi points out that the beneficiaries of the Israeli strikes on Iran in Syria would be largely be Sunni militants.

"The Iranians tried to attack Israel's sovereign territory", Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman charged.

Khamenei said this week he is highly doubtful that Europe will provide the "real guarantees" needed for Iran to stay in the nuclear deal. The Iranians must deal with the consequences of the American withdrawal and the pressure that will be exerted on them.

Iran's response too, is timed to President Trump's decision. But if it collapses and the US imposes heavy new sanctions on Iran, prospects for major fallout with Israel are higher. Hostile rhetoric has escalated over the decades since. This strategy has allowed Hezbollah to grow and continue to arm itself and become a tangible threat to the State of Israel.

FILE - A Hezbollah fighter uses binoculars to scan for Israeli forces' positions, on the outskirts of the village of Aitaroun, near the town of Bint Jbeil, Aug. 16, 2006.

Russian Federation warned Iran ahead of Israel's massive attack on its bases and facilities inside Syria, according to the London-based Arabic-language newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat on Friday.

Is the Mideast sliding toward an all-encompassing war?

Tehran's chief diplomat embarked on the tour as regional tensions spiked just days after unprecedented Israeli strikes in Syria which a monitor said killed at least 11 Iranian fighters, triggering fears of a broader conflict between the two arch-enemies. No one on the Israeli side was reported to have been injured.

Ever since the year 2000, Israel's strategy has been to hope that Hezbollah's missiles will simply rust and not be used against us.

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