Council of Europe chief congratulates Armenia's Pashinyan

Council of Europe chief congratulates Armenia's Pashinyan

The leader of protests that gripped Armenia for weeks was named the country's new prime minister on Tuesday, overcoming the immediate political turmoil but raising uncertainty about the longer term. They included 13 lawmakers representing Sarkisian's Republican Party of Armenia (HHK).

The parliament finally managed to elect the country's prime minister due to the votes given by the RPA, as the day before the ruling party vowed to secure successful elections.

Pashinyan said he would hold a snap election as soon as he believes the conditions are right for a vote to take place.

Today, Acting Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan applied to President of the Republic of Armenia Armen Sarkissian with the request to terminate his duties as Acting First Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Armenia.

Addressing the parliament before the vote, Pashinian pledged to implement "very serious reforms" that would democratize Armenia, strengthen the rule of law and radically improve the domestic business environmental.

Later, Pashinyan brought together his ties with the Armenian National Congress and organized his own small and rather marginalized political party "Civil Agreement" which entered Parliament in a political alliance with the "Republic Party of Armenia" lead by former PM Aram Sargsyan and "Bright Armenia" party, making up 8% in Parliament. Later, he joined the protest movement lead by the First President of Armenia, Levon Ter-Petrosyan (1991-1998), who was again nominated as presidential candidate in 2007, so challenging Serzh Sargsyan during the presidential elections.

At the tense, eight-hour session the week before, Republicans peppered Pashinyan with questions about his commitment to Armenia's ties with Russian Federation, the country's traditional family values, and economic growth.

It has been an unlikely rise to power in the post-Soviet republic of about three million for the former newspaper editor. He later called off the demonstrations after the ruling party assured him of its support in his bid for prime minister.

"The victory is not that I was elected prime minister", Pashinyan told the crowd.

Pashinian declined to shed light on the composition of his cabinet when he spoke to reporters moments after being elected prime minister.

Sargsyan resigned the premiership six days after his appointment.

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