This WhatsApp spam message may crash your smartphone

This WhatsApp spam message may crash your smartphone

Before this, the same kind of message in the Tamil language was floating among the WhatsApp users, Facebook messages and other apps. These messages can also crash users' smartphone in some cases.

A message bomb is circulating on WhatsApp that can cause the Android app or even an entire Android device to crash, according to reports.

A new forward message is now making the rounds on WhatsApp causing the messenger app to jam when the recipient taps on the message box. The problem is not related to a WhatsApp bug but to the way Android handles the text.

As you can see in the screenshots leaked, WhatsApp is now working on the Greeting Message feature, which sends a greeting message to a user either on their first message or after 14 days of inactivity.

This is not the first time that such a message has been circulating in the platform. "The message says "This is very interesting!" and has a crying laughing emoji at the end". Both contain hidden symbols in between spaces. It won't cause any data loss, it won't force your device to reboot, and it won't prevent you from closing the app and opening it again. One includes a simple black dot which conveniently comes with a warning of what will happen if the person taps on it.

There have been various WhatsApp prank messages throughout the app's history, and the black dot message is just the latest example.

So far, at least two variations of the message bomb have been identified. However, it is still recommended to not click on them.

On the most modern and powerful smartphones the bug simply blocks WhatsApp (or the application in which you received that message) and you just have to wait for it to close by itself or close it manually. However, it is better avoiding such message forwards.

On clicking this message, it can hang your smartphone and you will not be able to see anything on your display for some time.

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