Curry probable to finally return in Game 2

Curry probable to finally return in Game 2

Fortunately, they may not have to proceed without him any longer with his probable return for Game 2 of their series with the New Orleans Pelicans. Here they've been matched up with yet another troubling opponent; the Golden State Warriors. His playoff averages across the board are better than his regular-season numbers, and perhaps the most impressive offensive number he has through six postseason games is his average of 8.5 assists while compiling a 3.19 assists-to-turnover ratio.

New Orleans got off to a hot start in Game 1, taking as much as a 21-16 lead while shooting 60 percent in the first quarter.

Curry returned to full practice with contact Thursday and only scrimmaged 5 on 5 for the first time Friday, and Kerr prefers that Curry get additional on-court time at full speed Sunday. Speaking with reporters today, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr said he'd be very surprised if Curry isn't on the court for Game 2 and added that he will not be on a minutes restriction. Meaning the lack of difficulty in game one of the current series does not mean the team would not feel the absence of Curry deeply if he were not to return. But instead, I am looking at the over.

One day, we'll be faced with the reality of the fact that Thompson may know that he's too good to be paid like the third-best player on any team, even if he is. In all likelihood the team will be matched up against the Houston Rockets and likely MVP, James Harden, in the conference finals.

But after muscling through Damian Lillard, C.J. McCollum and Evan Turner in that series, Holiday now finds himself facing a more formidable defensive foe: Kevin Durant.

Paul George probably would have been traded to the Los Angeles Lakers and Carmelo Anthony probably would have found his way to Portland.

But Scott, who won three National Basketball Association titles with the Los Angeles Lakers, believes the Warriors will be relieved to see Curry back on the court. He rarely squanders them.

This is great news for the Warriors.

He shouldn't be asked to take any pay cut as far as I'm concerned. The Pelicans only scored 7 points in the seven possessions listed with Thompson or Young as the primary Davis defender, a tradeoff the Warriors will take in that alignment. He's only of the more under-appreciated stars we've seen in quite some time.

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