Allegiant Air defends safety after CBS report; shares fall

Allegiant Air defends safety after CBS report; shares fall

It was found that more than 100 serious incidents have happened due to mechanical issues.

He was ticketed on a 5:15 p.m. flight on Allegiant Air out of Stockton Metropolitan Airport to get there.

Allegiant's vice president of operations, Capt. Eric Gust, issued a statement after the program that said the story was outdated and shows a "troubling misunderstanding" of the Federal Aviation Administration's safety oversight of airlines.

Allegiant isn't happy about the report. The five, who were interviewed on camera, detailed experiences ranging from disappointment to anger to trauma.

On Sunday evening, CBS "60 minutes" aired a scathing report, which found that Allegiant Air's planes had three times as many mechanical problems with flights as six competing airlines between January 2017 and October 2017.

"The Teamsters Airline Division will continue to work with our members and Allegiant to ensure their safety and the safety of the flying public".

Several anonymous, non-disciplinary reporting systems are available through Allegiant as well as through the FAA for team members to report safety concerns.

Captain Eric Gust, Allegiant Air's vice president of operations, said: "The story is outdated, bears no resemblances to the Allegiant I know, and shows a real and troubling misunderstanding of the FAA's rigorous oversight of Allegiant and all USA airlines, which is truly the worldwide gold standard in transportation safety".

Allegiant said it is "offensive" to imply the company would ask anyone to operate an unsafe aircraft.

The low-priced airline's safety record is improving. Most of the problems were associated with the MD-80 aircraft, which are among the oldest aircraft operating today.

Lisa Cozzolino started to panic as Allegiant Air Flight 844 circled over Pinellas County, burning off fuel for an emergency landing.

The "60 Minutes" report said Allegiant had three times as many in-flight mechanical problems as six competing airlines.The report said Allegiant flights had an alarming number of aborted take-offs, plus emergency and unscheduled landings.

"The airline is a business that does business here at the airport".

The CBS report updated reporting by the Tampa Bay Times, which said in 2015 that Allegiant planes were four more times than those of other US airlines to make an unplanned landing because of mechanical problems.

US Representative Charlie Crist, a Florida Democrat, wrote separately to the Transportation Department, demanding the agency "take action to improve passenger safety", as well as to hold Allegiant accountable for past safety failures.

Many other comments made through Facebook to a story posted to The Vancouver Sun reported no issues with the airline. "I think next time I'll do Delta", said Rosales.

"Had we identified such problems, the FAA would have taken immediate action", the statement read.

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