Trump doorman 'unstable,' 'infamous for making up stories,' ex-wife says

Trump doorman 'unstable,' 'infamous for making up stories,' ex-wife says

The Associated Press is reporting that the parent company to Donald Trump's favorite news source, the National Enquirer, paid off a doorman of one of Trump's New York City building to keep quiet about a rumor he heard. Sajudin got $30,000 in exchange for signing over the rights, "in perpetuity", to a rumor he'd heard about Trump's sex life - that the president had fathered a child with an employee at Trump World Tower, a skyscraper he owns near the United Nations. The contract subjected Sajudin to a $1 million penalty if he disclosed either the rumour or the terms of the deal.

If prosecutors determine that the paper was indeed operating on behalf of the Trump 2016 presidential campaign, or Trump's current 2020 campaign, both the Enquirer and the campaign could be on the hook for serious violations of election finance laws.

The story also mentioned Trump's personal lawyer Michael Cohen; Farrow reported that he spoke to two former AMI employees who "said they believed that Cohen was in close contact with AMI executives while the company's reporters were looking into Sajudin's story".

The woman at the center of the story "emphatically" denied to the wire service that she had an affair with Trump. Ronan's sources say Dino provided the names of the alleged mistress and child to the Enquirer, and was then allegedly paid $30,000 so the mag could have exclusive rights to the information (i.e. Dino could not go public with them anywhere else). She is now suing AMI to invalidate her contract, claiming that she was convinced to sign under false pretenses, and that Cohen and AMI worked secretly with Davidson as part of a "broad effort to silence and intimidate" her. Trump has denied having an affair with McDougal.

In a statement on Thursday, AMI said it had determined that the rumor wasn't true, which is why it didn't run a story.

The New Yorker has uncovered no evidence that Trump fathered the child.

They tabloid paid former Playboy playmate Karen McDougal $150,000 for the story of her alleged affair with Trump, but never published it.

On Monday, the Federal Bureau of Investigation raided Cohen's hotel room and office looking for information about the McDougal and Daniels payouts, Trump's infamous Access Hollywood tape, and communications between Cohen, Trump, Pecker, and AMI's chief content officer Dylan Howard.

"When we realized we would be unable to publish, and other media outlets approached the source about his tale, we released Sajudin from the exclusivity clause that had accompanied his $30,000 payment, freeing him to tell his story to whomever he wanted", Howard told Radar.

Sajudin has said that he did receive the money.

Its editor Dylan Howard said: 'Unfortunately...

The new allegations have left investigators wondering whether there were secret deals being made outside the campaign to protect Donald Trump.

The methods AMI uses to hide headline-worthy stories should cause anyone thinking about reading their publications to reconsider their go-to choices to get real news.

She has not returned Inside Edition's calls for comment.

"He's infamous for making up stories", Nikki Benfatto said of her former husband Dino Sajudin.

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