Widow To Pulse Nightclub Gunman Found Not Guilty On All Counts

Widow To Pulse Nightclub Gunman Found Not Guilty On All Counts

Noor Salman is not guilty of helping her husband, Omar Mateen, carry out the mass shooting that claimed 49 lives at Pulse nightclub on June 12, 2016, a jury decided Friday.

Noor Salman, 31, sobbed upon hearing the jury's verdict of not guilty of obstruction and providing material support to a terrorist organization, charges that could have brought life in prison.

Salman initially told Federal Bureau of Investigation agents that she knew her husband was planning the attack.

The jury's foreperson anonymously emailed a statement to Orlando news outlets, saying that the verdict did not mean that jurors thought Salman was unaware of Mateen's plans.

In her closing argument, assistant USA attorney Sara Sweeney argued that this fact was irrelevant, because the initial target of the attack that Mateen and Salman had planned was not the Pulse nightclub, but rather, Disney World. Salman insisted she had nothing to do with her husband's rampage.

"We're very sorry for the family members and friends of the 49 victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting, and also the survivors of that terrible attack", said Susan Clary, Noor's family spokeswoman.

"She may not be guilty, but she's not innocent", said 50-year-old Pulse patron Louis Morales. According to Buzzfeed News, Noor Salman was acquitted of assisting in one of the deadliest mass shootings in modern United States history. It's a awful, random, senseless killing by a monster.

Christine Leinonen, an attorney and former state trooper whose only son was killed in the nightclub massacre, told The Orlando Sentinel that she was disappointed but not shocked by the verdict.

According to the New York Times, Salman wiped tears from her eyes as the verdict was read.

I am disappointed in the outcome of the trial and know that the victims and/or their families are more disappointed.

Officials from U.S. District Court in Orlando said Friday that the jury had reached its decision and it will be announced in about 30 minutes.

Beyond Salman's confession, the prosecution's case was relatively thin, resting on circumstantial evidence that Mateen and Salman were anticipating a major, potentially fatal event in the 11 days leading up to the shooting: During that period, the couple racked up purchases and cash withdrawals that added up to more than Mateen's annual salary as a security guard, while also adding Salman as a death beneficiary to Mateen's bank account.

Jurors in the trial of a woman accused of aiding her husband's terrorist attack against an Orlando nightclub will deliberate her fate for a third day.

She gave him a "green light to commit terrorism", prosecutors said. They say she wasn't an Islamic extremist. She stood implicated helpful Mateen get ready for as well as intend the 2016 carnage at the club as well as of blocking private investigators' initiatives after the murder. His intended target was the Disney Springs complex, prosecutors said.

Salman's attorneys argued that their client was not an accomplice but a simple-minded victim of her husband's infidelity and lies.

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