'Roseanne' reboot renewed at ABC; Barr rejoices

'Roseanne' reboot renewed at ABC; Barr rejoices

This didn't take long at all - a Roseanne season 11 renewal is now official over at ABC, and it comes just a couple of days after the show completely stunned the TV world with enormous ratings.

ABC Entertainment president Channing Dungey said about the awesome support the show received, 'We're thrilled that America has welcomed the Conner family back into their homes.

It is the show's 11th season, but with a 21-year gap since its initial nine-season run.

ABC debuted a reboot of the 90s sitcom Roseanne this week, and its ratings outperformed every other premiere so far this season.

The reboot, which only premiered on Tuesday, raked in a jaw-dropping 18.1 million viewers, making it the highest-rated sitcom in more than three years.

Following the premier, Barr received a call from President Donald Trump congratulating her on the success of the show.

Trump seized on its ratings during a speech Thursday in Richfield, Ohio, that was to be about infrastructure but hopscotched through other topics. "They were unbelievable. Over 18 million people. And it was about us!". When people come here and they get a lot of benefits that our own veterans don't get.

The actress then admitted to having a videotape of her interviewing the president and director Michael Moore on her former talk show, but revealed that she originally thought Trump was a "populist". Hundreds each month. He has broken up trafficking rings in high places everywhere, ' Barr tweeted on Friday.

In a separate interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Barr said she wanted more diversity on the series during its heyday and noted that adding D.J.'s daughter into the show's reboot was the ideal opportunity. While the original show provided an honest, "warts and all look" at Middle America, he added, the current show glazes over the fact that Roseanne is turning "a blind eye to Trump's many, many bigoted statements".

After returning to Twitter, she has continued to tweet about QAnon, and in a cryptic tweet on March 24 tweeted "MKULTRA" - a seeming allusion to a 1960s Central Intelligence Agency psychological warfare program. They haven't figured it out yet; the fake news hasn't quite figured it out yet.

"You know, he may be lousy for women, immigrants and the economy maybe, we'll see, but he's really good for TV".

'We just had a private conversation.

If the success of "Roseanne" is all about appealing to Trump supporters, what's to make of the "Will & Grace" success?

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