Facebook sued for allegedly allowing housing advertisers to discriminate

Facebook sued for allegedly allowing housing advertisers to discriminate

I'm followed around everywhere I surf with ads for cameras and guitars, because Facebook knows I love them, but hey, if I want to buy a camera, I know where to go.

Political campaigns, for instance, can upload a list of email addresses they gather through their websites or at rallies, and can then serve those people with ads on Facebook.

Facebook says it dramatically limits the access apps have to friend data, preventing the type of data scoop Kogan and others were capable of.

"Can you tell Facebook what it can and cannot do with your data?"

The current controversy affects Android users only who use Messenger or Facebook Lite.

Facebook has caught so much heat for its privacy practices, especially after the data breach that came at the hands of Cambridge Analytica, that the social network is actually making it easier to control privacy settings. The company has not provided details on why it needed this data or what it did with it, saying only that it was used to improve people's experience on Facebook.

Facebook says that if you choose to opt out, all data that has been collected will be deleted.

"Oh wow my deleted Facebook Zip file contains info on every single phone, cellphone call and text I made for about a year", wrote ‏Twitter user Mat Johnson.

"Facebook can now access the information that you are using on these different sites, whether that's if you're logging on to Hulu with your Facebook login then Facebook now understands what you're doing on Hulu".

And, even more seriously, have I handed over my friends' data to be stored on some Californian server?

Ars Technica had found evidence that shows that earlier Android software, specifically versions before 4.1, were gathering text and call data without asking for permission or alerting users.

Facebook knows a lot about you.

Facebook, my mother will be proud to know, believes that my friends and I are part of the "Established Adult Life" peer group.

Facebook introduced the messenger app to let the user communicate with their friends on Facebook. Facebook vows to encourage "users to review their privacy settings" but does not agree to all the recommendations. Because of the Android API loophole, Apple iOS users were not affected. Facebook basically has this really detailed black book, and because they know all these things about you, like all the phone numbers you've ever had, they're able to connect you with anyone you've ever communicated with. I've found many new favorites I would otherwise never have discovered through this "data manipulation".

"I am anxious, for instance, of a candidate having lots of different websites that they track people on to figure out what they care about - that candidate could then present themselves as a one-issue candidate to all those people", he told CNN Monday.

The mishandling of Facebook user data has resulted in a significant problem for the company which has lost billions market capitalization as the crisis drags on.

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