Low-priced 9.7-inch iPad could support Apple Pencil Stylus

Low-priced 9.7-inch iPad could support Apple Pencil Stylus

-Apple is working on a foldable iPhone that it could release in 2020, Bank of America Merrill Lynch analysts said in a research note on Friday.

This time it was one of the analysts of Bank of America, specializing in Apple products, who says there is not much left to know about the next big in redesigning the iPhone, after the drastic changes in the iPhone X that we saw past year (drastic in terms of previous models of Apple catalog, not regarding the competition).

While it's entirely possible Apple is exploring the possibility of a foldable phone, a consumer launch would be highly surprising.

Mohan wrote his report after meeting several Apple suppliers in Asia. They also add that the tech giant isn't stalling their devices this year, which pretty much confirms that we'll be seeing a new iPhone device this fall of 2018. Apple is believed to be developing self-driving vehicle technology and not actual cars.

LG's parts-manufacturing arm "LG Innotek" had also created a team for developing "flexible circuit boards" for such a foldable phone.

In addition to the Face scanning feature, Apple also intends to push through with their own in-display fingerprint scanner called Clear ID.

The company also filed a patent application for a yet-unnamed foldable device that can be "opened and closed like a book" in November 2017.

Late past year, we came across reports saying that a budget iPad is in the making.

If Apple were to build a foldable phone, it's likely the company would go beyond just putting a hinge on two screens.

Since the announcement, we've been getting several reports of the devices that Apple will be launching, and the latest one, from MacRumours, suggests that Pencil support is coming to a low-priced iPad.

The mix of iPhone X obviously rose during the quarter based on the late launch in CQ4.

The idea of a foldable smartphone is one that just won't die. This main change would come in the form of flexible screens, resulting in a hypothetical foldable iPhone.

While none of them actually released their foldable devices, Samsung and Lenovo demonstrated concept phones with foldable displays. The larger phones we have now are already teetering on small tablet sizes and it's generally accepted that the new foldable phones will address some sizing issues while giving options more when bigger screen area may be desired.

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