Volkswagen Atlas - five-seat version gets confirmed

Volkswagen Atlas - five-seat version gets confirmed

Volkswagen's press release says the new SUV will be a variant of the seven-passenger Atlas, and it will be be designed and engineered for the American market, just like the current Atlas.

Volkswagen of America, Inc., announced today that it will be building a new five-passenger SUV at its Chattanooga factory.

VW said it would reveal the model's name in NY. The new face features a triple-slat grille as well as a reprofiled bumper, both more aggressive-looking than even an Atlas with the R-Line package.

The plans come amid debate over US -foreign trade relationships as President Trump threatens tariffs on imported European vehicles and continues NAFTA negotiations. A production version will be manufactured at VW's Chattanooga, Tenn. plant. The manufacturer has already put about $900 million into its Tennessee plant to build that model.

No jobs will be added to produce the additional vehicle, but it should improve job security at the factory, a spokeswoman said by email.

The new model marks the continuation of VW's so-called "SUV offensive" as the company aims to diversify its lineup after overcommitting to passenger cars. The segment long claimed by stalwarts such as the Nissan Murano, Ford Edge, and Hyundai Santa Fe is about to get crowded with the rumored return of the Chevrolet Blazer and this two-row variant of Volkswagen's Atlas.

"During my time as governor, I've watched Volkswagen Chattanooga flourish from a single vehicle producer, starting with the Passat, into what it is today-a thriving USA manufacturing operation that can produce three models and county". In addition to the two SUV variants, the plant builds the US -market Passat midsize sedan, employing 2,800 people as of December 2016.

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