Celebrate 'MAR10 Day' with Mario Kart on Google Maps

Celebrate 'MAR10 Day' with Mario Kart on Google Maps

In celebration of March 10, a day that has become known as Mario Day (MAR10... get it?), Google is letting users navigate Maps Mario Kart-style for a limited time.

This year Google is going above and beyond to commemorate everyone's favourite red-overalled, princess-chasing Italian plumber by integrating Mario Kart into Google Maps.

"We know a true Mario fan when we see one". It can be downloaded now for free on the App Store. Tap that block, as if you're trying to jostle out a coin or a Super Star, to get a prompt declaring it to be Mario time, and confirm by tapping "Let's-A Go!"

You can access the new Easter egg with the Google Maps app for iOS and Android. Just do not forget to practice safe driving on the road-we don't encourage throwing bananas or red shells at other drivers in real life! Get it? It is on March 10, as the abbreviation looks like the word "Mario". What do you guys think about seeing Mario and his Kart on Google Maps?

Google has invited people to share screenshots of their Kart excursions using the hashtag #MarioMaps on Twitter and Instagram. They hum the Super Mario Bros. background music on repeat, daydream about collecting gold coins and 1-UP mushrooms, and want nothing more than to traverse the Mushroom Kingdom with Luigi, Toad, and Yoshi to rescue Princess Peach from Bowser. Or... perhaps Nintendo and Google should make this into an official app?

To mark the occasion, Google has teamed up with the Japanese gaming giant to bring the plucky plumber to Google Maps. Having something so cool be related to just a week seems like a crime.

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