Clocks roll forward this Sunday - how daylight savings time came to be

Clocks roll forward this Sunday - how daylight savings time came to be

Dr. Timothy Rummel a sleep doctor in Colorado Springs with Pulmonary Associates and UCHealth Memorial says the spring forward time change is the hardest of the two and there is data to back that up. Time reports that you could use daylight saving time to help reboot sleeping habits. Britain's foe in World War I, Germany, was the first to start using Daylight Saving on April 30, 1916, in order to conserve the amount of electricity consumed. When we have to get up early, and it's still entirely dark outside, we probably wish standard time were still in place.

The Miami Herald said the U.S. Department of Transportation is charged with setting time zones but states can still exempt themselves from daylight saving time, if Congress approves.

Florida overwhelmingly approved the bill, with the state Senate taking less than one minute to pass it, 33-2.

Some states didn't but now do: In the past, MI and most of In did not observe the time change.

This might seem enticing to those of us in the Northeast, who are about to lose an hour of sleep this weekend with the shift to Daylight Savings Time.

War time, or daylight-saving time, was reinstated in World War II.

Some people visiting the beach from out of state said the potential change could take time to get used to.

Daylight Savings Time 2017 begins before Easter (or Resurrection Sunday) when days become longer and longer heading closer to the Spring Equinox.

Arizona and Hawaii will not. They wonder why we change the time at all. During Daylight Saving Time, more people travel to and from school and work and complete errands during the daylight.

A couple of Texas lawmakers a year ago proposed doing away with the practice once and for all but were unable to get their plan approved by the full state Legislature.

Because changing clocks in either direction disrupts our circadian rhythms, evidence of adverse effects on human health has been accumulating for the past decade or so.

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