Ahead of elections, Karnataka govt unveils state flag

Ahead of elections, Karnataka govt unveils state flag

Karnataka Cabinet approved the official state flag on Thursday - a tricolour of yellow, white and red sports the "ganda barunda" in the middle. I thank Kannada organizations, leading Kannada writers & intellectuals for gracefully agreeing with the design.

A committee formed by the state government past year had recommended the separate flag for Karnataka discounting any constitutional or legal hurdles for it.

Gandaberunda, the State's official emblem, is a two-headed mythical bird that represents Karnataka.

The committee opted for a design which carries the spirit of the existing yellow-and-red Kannada flag' with white colour at the centre. The new flag is a takeoff from what was before informally used as the Kannada hail. The State government had in July 2017 formed a committee headed by Kannada litterateur Hampa Nagarajaiah, to suggest a flag for the State, after repeated demands from several political and pro-Kannada body leaders. So the Siddaramaiah government chose to give some sanctity to the Karnataka state to fix a regional flag.

The design of the flag, which was cleared by the state government, will now be send to the central government for approval, following which it will be announced as state flag.

An expert committee was constituted following representation from journalist and writer Patil Puttappa that the state has its own flag.

It may be recalled that the Chief Minister had been vehemently opposing the imposition of Hindi, especially in the signages of Namma Metro, which has maximum funding from the State.

The proposal will be sent to the Union home ministry for approval of the red, white and yellow flag.

Siddaramaiah, however, defended the flag and said there was nothing unconstitutional in it. "Kannada flag is not unconstitutional". The only thing is we have to hoist it below the national flag, which we will anyway do. "We will urge the centre to approve the proposal and make an official announcement at the earliest", Mr. Siddaramaiah said. He said the more established Kannada signal was good for nothing and that he recommended there ought to be three colors in the flag.

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