Windows 10 S will become a "mode" of Windows 10 next year

Windows 10 S will become a

It's possible we'll see more Windows 10 S hardware continue to trickle out in 2018, before Microsoft starts advertising an nearly identically named - but substantially different - product.

Word broke a month ago that Microsoft was planning to bake an "S Mode" into Windows 10. Windows 10 S -now Windows 10 "S Mode"- limits users to installing apps only available on the Windows Store.

The "low hassle" pitch is clearly being maintained, and the basic philosophies of the Windows 10 S version would not change when it makes the transformation to Windows 10 S Mode. According to last month's heard claims, those operating Windows 10 Home in S Mode would be able to upgrade to the full-fat version of the operating system for no cost. The Redmond giant launched Windows 10 S in May past year as a lightweight version of Windows 10 - targeting schools and other institutions - to take on Google's Chrome OS. Microsoft has tried locking down apps before with Windows RT, a mobile and tablet OS that eventually proved to be commercial failure.

That's as official a confirmation as you can get about Windows 10 S being discontinued as a standalone version of Windows.

The operating system was rolled out in May 2017 as a stand-alone version of Microsoft's OS for desktop. These new privacy features/changes are already available for the insiders in Fast Ring with the latest Build 17115. S Mode will enable any Windows 10 PC to be toggled into the Windows 10 S sandbox.

Recent estimates have stated that Chrome OS accounts for about 60% of the United States education market in grades K-12.

"Next year 10S will be a "mode" of existing versions, not a distinct version", Belfiore said today on Twitter. While this is a huge amount of sales in and of itself, it's also significant because children that grow up using these Google devices are more likely to purchase them themselves when they come of age to purchase their own electronics.

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