Nashville Mayor Resigns Over Using Taxpayer Money to Fund Affair With Bodyguard

Nashville Mayor Resigns Over Using Taxpayer Money to Fund Affair With Bodyguard

On Jan. 31, she admitted a almost two-year extramarital affair with police Sgt. Rob Forrest, who is now retired, in the wake of multiple investigations.

Barry will serve three years' probation and will have to repay the city $11,000. Her alleged crime (a felony theft charge) was to have asked for reimbursement of travel expenses associated with an admitted affair with the chief of her security detail.

Barry and former bodyguard Robert Forrest pleaded guilty to felony theft of taxpayer money related to their affair. However, investigators with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations searched Forrest's phone and found photos of a nude woman (presumably Barry) taken during work hours. In her statement at the morning press conference, the mayor thanked all her supporters and staff who supported her during the many "difficult" months. Among the business trips she took with her lover was one to Kansas City last summer.

For the first time in almost 100 years, the mayor of Nashville, Tennessee, will leave office early.

In a statement, Barry said while her time as "mayor concludes today", her "unwavering love and honest affection for this wonderful city and its great people shall never come to an end".

Barry claimed at the time the affair was a personal matter that violated no laws or ethical standards, and refused to resign.

According to a statement from District Attorney Glenn Funk, Forrest was sentenced to three years of probation.

"We had an affair, and it was wrong, and we shouldn't have done it", Barry said.

As stunning news broke Tuesday morning (March 6) that Nashville Mayor Megan Barry was resigning after a sex scandal, Maren Morris turned to social media to reveal that the mayor once helped her with a "terrifying" stalker.

According to The Tennessean, the two were often partaking in domestic and global travel for work, which led Forrest to rack up $33,000 in expenses and $50,000 plus in overtime in 2017 on top of his $84,500 salary. After 31 years with the police department, 14 of those years as supervisor of mayoral security, Forrest resigned that same day.

When Barry admitted to the affair in January, she stated, "I know that God will forgive me but Nashville doesn't have to".

A special election to choose a new mayor will be held August 2.

Barry, a Democrat, was elected in 2015.

Barry's reputation as a local progressive stems in part from the company she keeps. At the time she vowed to remain in office.

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