Louisville Must Vacate Its 2013 National Title After NCAA Upholds Ruling

Louisville Must Vacate Its 2013 National Title After NCAA Upholds Ruling

A formal appeal of NCAA penalties levied against Louisville on June 15 was denied, costing the Cardinal victories from several seasons and most notably the program's 2013 national championship and 2012 Final Four appearance.

Andre McGee, a former Louisville assistant, arranged for strippers and prostitutes to perform sex acts for Cardinals recruits and players during his time with the program.

"I can not say this strongly enough: We believe the NCAA was simply wrong in this decision", Louisville interim president Greg Postel said.

Former coach Rick Pitino, who was sacked amidst the ongoing investigation into payments facilitated by the school from Adidas to a prominent recruit, denied knowledge of the on-campus misgivings.

In the title game, the Wolverines fell to Louisville, 82-76, and the Cardinals were crowned National Champions.

"At the end of the day, we've got to win a couple of these games, there's no question about it", Padgett said.

There needs to be pressure on the NCAA to further punish the Cardinals, for the extensive corruption uncovered by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Louisville self-imposed a postseason ban in 2016; later that spring, it reduced its scholarships and reduced the staff's number of recruiting visits by a quarter. Louisville appealed the sanctions but the NCAA upheld them on Tuesday.

The committee assuredly will say the cases are separate, but when you're awaiting an appeal on one serious charge and your school is hit with an equal or worse charge, it might also be naive to believe one didn't impact the other.

Interim Louisville Athletics Director Vince Tyra expressed his regret. Critics have suggested the NCAA's actions will deter other programs from cooperating in future investigations or imposing their own penalties.

Pitino made a deal with his team during that magical season that, if his players took home the championship, he would get a tattoo to pay homage to the feat.

"Because the student-athletes received improper benefits", a four-person appellate panel said in a legalistic decision, "it follows they competed while ineligible, which in turn supports the vacation of records and financial penalties imposed by the Committee on Infractions". Despite the decision to move on from the program's athletic leadership, the school did not agree with the decision.

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