Google rolls out Google Pay for safer and easier payments

Google rolls out Google Pay for safer and easier payments

On Tuesday, the rollout of the official Google Pay app finally began, simplifying the process of completing payments on an Android device while cleaning up the interface and making transactions more secure.

The company announced today that it is rolling out a new Google Pay app for Android device users that will replace its previous app, Android Pay.

In fact, uniting the two platforms isn't entirely complete, with Google Wallet's peer-to-peer payments continuing as a separate app called Google Pay Send - a rebrand of the Google Wallet app, though the company is promising an integrated experience in the United States and the UK will be coming in "the next few months".

For example, the app can link with your Google Calendar to send automatic replies when you are on vacation. To line up with that transition, the Google Wallet app will become Google Pay Send so you won't be without functionality until everything settles in.

If you're an existing user of Android Pay and already have the app installed, you don't need to do anything.

The Card tab is where all cards - credit cards, debit cards, gift cards and such are stored. If your phone lacks the hardware needed to run Google Pay (NFC protocols and the like), you'll be notified of the same as well. Google Pay can be used for transit in locations like Portland, London, and Kiev.

KitGuru Says: So far, Android P is starting to sound like a big step up from Oreo with many quality of life and safety features rather than a plethora of gimmicks. The redesign of Google Wallet is a good thing, especially since you will soon be able to request and send money using Google Pay once the integration happens. We are glad to see the changes being made. There's one scenario in which the user doesn't know that the camera is recording at that time. But, with some tweaking, it was still possible for an app to record audio in the background without you knowing. It shows the same messenger app icon in the notification so the user will be aware of the app where he got the message from. Even better, you can use GPay across all of your devices and many Google products.

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