Microsoft launches Photos Companion app for Android and iOS

Microsoft launches Photos Companion app for Android and iOS

This is a Microsoft Garage project, works with Microsoft Photos in Windows 10 to transfer photos and videos from a phone to a PC over Wi-Fi.

Developed as a Microsoft Garage project, the Photos Companion app uses Wi-Fi connectivity on your phone and PC to establish a connection to transfer photos and videos from one device to another.

Unfortunately, unless you already use a cloud backup service such as Microsoft's OneDrive or Google Drive, manually transferring images to your main PC can be an inconvenient and lengthy process - especially if your photos already take up a sizable portion of your mobile device's storage space.

Described by Microsoft, as an "experimental app", Photos Companion is now available on the Apple App Store for iPhones and iPads and Google Play for Android devices.

Microsoft's new photos app for iOS and Android lets you quickly transfer pictures to a PC

Have you been facing issue while transferring your photos to your Windows PC? Moreover, a QR code is also required in the app that helps you start transferring the content. "The biggest hurdle many classrooms faced was getting the content students had captured with their phones onto their project PCs", explains Microsoft's photos team. Microsoft's own photos team has been working on the app for several months, and it links directly to Windows 10's built-in photos app.

Microsoft has launched a new iOS app intended for iPhone users who like taking pictures. This way there is no requirement of using the same Wi-Fi on the mobile and PC to transfer. After that, you need to point the scanner available on the Photos Companion app at the QR code to begin the transfer. If you don't see "From mobile over wifi" as an option, go to settings. However, the app seems important for students and educators.

However, if you want to stall the Microsoft Photos app from updating to the old version, there's a few ways.

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