United States flu outbreak worsens, likely to linger for weeks: CDC

United States flu outbreak worsens, likely to linger for weeks: CDC

There were 15,753 confirmed influenza cases and 2,349 people hospitalized in the week ended February 3, the state Department of Health said. Forty people in Nebraska have died from the flu this season, one of those, a child. Majority had underlying conditions such as heart, lung or immune system problems.

(Indianapolis, Ind.) - Flu-related deaths in IN continue to climb at an alarming pace this flu season.

The flu season is sticking around another nine weeks.

Butler said walk-in clinics in the area also are seeing a high volume of patients with flu-like symptoms.

This year's strain has been more severe in adults 65 and older and people under the age of 25, Mihalik said.

The team said it's not clear why some kids die so quickly from flu, but they said the shorter duration among healthy children might reflect differences in healthcare-seeking behavior or timing of treatment interventions. After that, the anti-viral medication Tamiflu doesn't work.

The campaign reminds community members to be diligent about washing their hands, avoid sharing personal items with others and staying home for at least 24 hours if any symptoms are present.

"This is not a time to go partying", she said.

167 deaths were reported statewide as of last week.

Still, while fewer cases were being reported in California, the overall spread of flu remained higher than in previous years.

Free or low-priced flu shots were made available at a dozen locations on Saturday, and health officials say there will be another round of free clinics next weekend. Nassau has confirmed nearly 3,900 cases, with 430 new diagnoses last week. The H3N2 flu strain is infecting the most patients. The flu can cause mild to severe illness and at times can lead to hospitalization or death.

"This really puts us at risk of a risky accident without helping our flu preparedness", he said.

In comparison, in 2017, Emory's Student Health Services saw 27 cases of flu or flu-like illness from January 1 through mid-February.

'We have a lot to learn still about influenza.

Schuchat said hospitalizations in the 55-to-64 age group and higher levels of influenza-like illness are where the records will come.

"This season is now following within expected range in terms of the number of weeks of elevated activity, but the actual level of activity is pretty remarkable", Budd observed. "A good match means that the viruses circulating during a given season and the viruses in the vaccines are closely related and the antibodies produced protects against the infection", Dr. Lopez says. One of the concerns is parents sending their children back to school too soon tricked by what some people are calling the "flu fake out".

In response to the alarming number of flu cases, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo directed the state health commissioner Thursday to authorize emergency funding to New York's 62 counties, with the flu season typically being over by the end of May.

For the past five years, the flu season has lasted between 11 and 20 weeks, she said.

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