USA intelligence: Russian Federation to increase election meddling

USA intelligence: Russian Federation to increase election meddling

Intelligence community leaders told the Senate Intelligence Committee today that Russia's campaign influence operation has not abated heading into midterm elections, while FBI Director Christopher Wray said President Trump has not directed the IC to take steps to stop the election meddling. They took advantage, a sophisticated advantage of social media. "So we assume that there's still the intent and we certainly know there's the capability".

And Republicans said the game this year obviously will be quite different from the one played in 2016, when most people - including inside the administration of President Obama - were blindsided by Russian schemes.

The nation's top intelligence chiefs were united Tuesday in declaring that Russian Federation is continuing efforts to disrupt the US political system and is targeting the 2018 midterm election, after its successful operation to sow discord in the most recent presidential campaign. "In recent years, we've seen major technologies firms whose rise is attributed in part to the illicit access of U.S. technology and IP", Warner said.

Senate Intelligence Committee Vice Chairman Mark Warner (left) and Chairman Richard Burr confer Tuesday after a hearing on worldwide threats, includin.

Despite Trump's confusion, the former issue is actively being investigated by special prosecutor Robert Mueller and multiple congressional committees, while the latter has been affirmed and put to bed by the entire US intelligence apparatus.

Other times, Trump or White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders call the stories about the interference, or its investigation, a hoax perpetuated by sore-loser Democrats. He didn't increase sanctions on Russian Federation when he had a chance to do so.

"The tools they use are everything from hacking into companies and critical infrastructure and defence contractors - everybody you can imagine - to using our immigration system against us, to even our universities", Rubio said. "I would urge all of us to address this challenge".

King said he "understands the president's reluctance" on the issue because Trump thinks the Russian story undermines his 2016 election victory.

Central Intelligence Agency Director Mike Pompeo also attended the hearing.

Pakistan's military is holding back counter-terrorism cooperation with the United States while continuing to go easy on militant groups based in the country, US Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats said Tuesday.

Coats said "persistent and disruptive cyber operations" would continue "using elections as opportunities to undermine democracy" in the United States and its European allies.

The Senate Intelligence Committee is conducting one of the three main congressional investigations into the Russian Federation issue.

So the next milestone in the inquiry into Russian election interference - at least in the Senate - could be the release of the intelligence committee's long-awaited report finally giving the full story about what happened in 2016.

"Before the primaries begin we intend to have an overview of our findings that will be public", Burr said.

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