UK HealthCare Moves To Restrict Visits As Flu Cases Spike

UK HealthCare Moves To Restrict Visits As Flu Cases Spike

"But if you do get vaccinated and get influenza, hopefully, your symptoms will be less severe".

The Tar Heel State joins 45 others in a list of states considered to have widespread cases of the flu.

PARENTS of two and three-year-olds should get them protected against flu this winter. "They really should take the flu shot", said Goldberg. In some cases, doctors may use Tamiflu as a preventative measure, he said.

"The virus was able to start circulating in time so that, when folks went home for Thanksgiving or they went home for Christmas, they were able to transmit it to the folks that they're with", Jerigan said. "Being vaccinated from the flu significantly lessens the risk of flu-associated hospitalizations and deaths".

Even the flu-related deaths can be undercounted because they are not always attributed as such.

Those children who are approved will be asked to wear masks to reduce disease transmission because flu and other respiratory illnesses can be contagious for several days before the first symptoms appear. For people at high risk of serious flu complications, treatment with antiviral drugs can mean the difference between milder or more serious illness possibly resulting in a hospital stay. "It's the worst strain".

"The annual vaccine contains both the A and B strain flu virus, which are the current strains running at the moment", said Dr McGarry.

While this year's vaccine is not believed to be as effective as the World Health Organization would like, with effectiveness being perhaps as low as 10 to 20 percent, the benefits of receiving the vaccine are still many, experts say.

"It's very challenging to predict ... how and when virus activity will end or peak", said Dr. Gil Chavez, a state epidemiologist and deputy director for the Center of Infectious Diseases at the CDPH. The woman, whose name was not released, had underlying medical conditions and had not received the flu vaccine this season. Health facilities changed their reporting system from manual to electronic system. The strain is included in this year's flu vaccine. She said viruses can live on surfaces up to 24 hours.

Tennessee's flu outbreak is not quite that bad yet, but the Volunteer State is bracing for it to get worse. "Right now, we're matching the national trend, which is increasing fairly steeply". After getting the shot, people should still wash their hands regularly, " Tiffany added.

But the holiday season is over and it's time to get back to reality. "The best prevention is still the influenza vaccine", Dr. Adalja says. "It's not too late".

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