CES 2018: Project Linda Turns Razer Phone Into A Laptop

CES 2018: Project Linda Turns Razer Phone Into A Laptop

Furthermore, since Project Linda lacks internal hardware of its own, it relies on the docked phone's processing power instead, essentially allowing you to run Android on a larger screen.

While not a laptop without the phone, the chassis's keyboard does offer Razer's Chroma backlighting and customization settings.

The idea of using a phone to power a laptop isn't entirely new; Motorola gave it a shot back in 2011 with the Laptop Dock for the Atrix 4G. This marks the Razer Phone as the first mobile device to support both of these standards with Netflix, and the 5.1 rating will work with both the external speakers and the included 3.5mm dongle that's THX-certified. Still, a full keyboard a bigger screen are really nice, and Razer is looking to mix two of their most popular products together to make that happen. The smartphone and laptop hybrid concept harkens a new era for mobile personal computing, blending the familiar Android environment with the ease-of-use of a laptop.

In a nutshell, that means Netflix members subscribed to the premium plan will be able to get the absolute best out of the Razer Phone's already impressive HDR10-enabled Quad HD display with up to 120 Hz refresh rate, and dual-firing, front-facing Dolby-optimized speakers.

CES 2018: Project Linda Turns Razer Phone Into A Laptop

Razer has revealed a very unusual mix of laptop and mobile phone hardware in a bid to utilize its new Razer Phone. While docked the Razer Phone display becomes the touch pad for interacting with the laptop or can be used as a second screen for various apps and software tools. The integration makes the Razer Phone the first smartphone to support Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 for Netflix. There's also an assortment of expected laptop features, like a 720p webcam, audio jack and USB-A and USB-C ports.

As our phones get more and more powerful, an increasing number of people have started ditching their laptops.

When docked, the interface switches to a more traditional laptop-style one, complete with a taskbar.

For more information on Razer's Project Linda concept and to register for announcements, visit razerzone.com/projectlinda.

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