All-electric concept vehicle to debut at CES 2018

All-electric concept vehicle to debut at CES 2018

Inside the Niro EV features an entirely new minimalistic interior with new technologies.

Kia vice-chairman Dr. Woong-chul Yang said: "Kia's connected cars will be both boundless and connected and offer a new kind of mobility experience". This goal includes a new fuel cell vehicle that Kia plans to launch in 2020. But Kia says this Niro EV Concept showcases significant tech advances and a range of 238 miles - which would put it right up against the Chevrolet Bolt EV and better than a standard Tesla Model 3's range. As part of this, the manufacturer also aims to have a hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle on the road by 2020.

In terms of mechanical credentials, the Niro EV Concept comes with a ready for production series high-capacity 64kWh lithium-polymer battery pack hooked to a single 150 kW motor - and Kia mentions the powertrain is part of a next-generation unit that will be used in the near future for series produced vehicles. Since there's no need for engine cooling, the grille is replaced by an interactive display panel.

Kia says the goal is "an innate sense of space and calm" inside the auto, which is enhanced by "soft shades of silver, grey, and bronze" on every piece of the interior. To counteract its quietness, speakers sound an alert to passengers who are crossing in front of the auto, while lights provide an additional warning.

Boundless for all’ Kia presents vision for future mobility at CES 2018

The vehicle features a next-generation electric powertrain under the hood, including a 150 kW (201 hp) electric motor and a 64 kWh lithium-polymer battery pack. For example, the Niro EV Concept could theoretically limit its maximum power if it recognized a teen driver behind the wheel.

Along with the concept auto reveal, Kia Motors also presented its "Boundless for all" vision, which paints a future with infinite transportation and mobility opportunities. The idea behind this is to let users at the front and back listen to different music if they like without disturbing each other or without having to use headphones.

Kia also announced that it will expand its WiBLE auto sharing service - which launched in Korea previous year - to select European cities in 2018.

The Niro is now available as a straight-up hybrid, powered by a 1.6-litre petrol engine and an electric motor, or as a plug-in hybrid version called the Niro PHEV.

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