State legislators in Nebraska and California are introducing net neutrality laws

State legislators in Nebraska and California are introducing net neutrality laws

Passage of a CRA would "repeal Pai's repeal", explains Dana Floberg of Free Press, which would leave the web "right back where [it] started-with strong net neutrality rules".

The controversial repeal of net neutrality rules in America will go to a formal vote in Congress after sufficient lawmakers backed an effort to scrap it. Senate Bill 460 would make it illegal for broadband providers to block or limit internet service or interfere with customer access. But the path to restore net neutrality and secure its future has already begun to unfold.

Thirty senators have now signed on to cosponsor a resolution that would nullify the repeal, MA senator Ed Markey announced Monday on Twitter.

Other public interest groups, including Free Press and Public Knowledge, along with some start-ups, announced plans to challenge the commission's move weeks ago, but the Internet Association had been undecided about how to respond. Bernie Sanders, an independent who caucuses with the Democratic Party. Under the Congressional Review Act, Congress can overrule any regulation issued by a government agency with a simple majority. John MarkeyNet neutrality supporters predict tough court battle over FCC's repeal plan Avalanche of Democratic senators say Franken should resign Driverless auto bill hits Senate speed bump MORE (D-Mass.), would use Congress's authority under the Congressional Review Act to reverse the FCC's rollback of its popular net neutrality rules. The resolution needs all Democratic senators, and two Republicans, to vote in favor of it to pass.

Tom Wheeler's net neutrality rules probably place too many restrictions on the telcos, while the so-called "Restoring Internet Freedom Order" maybe offers to much freedom to billion-dollar businesses, who haven't really earnt the trust being granted through light-touch regulation they now have. A University of Maryland poll last month found that 83% of Americans and 75% of Republicans said they supported them. In the meantime, net neutrality supporters are also pursuing litigation and state laws. In the days before the FCC's vote last month, the online giants took few overt steps to voice opposition to repealing the rules. "[FCC Chairman] Ajit Pai has awakened the public, now Net Neutrality is a kitchen-table issue, and the outcry is only going to get louder".

The Nebraska Telecommunications Association, which said it would study Morfeld's bill before taking a position on it, circulated a white paper among its 30 member companies a year ago describing the 2015 rules as trying "to fit a square peg in a round hole".

The U.S. Senate will hold a vote on net neutrality - albeit a symbolic one.

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