Man accused of sexually assaulting sleeping woman on Spirit Airlines flight

Man accused of sexually assaulting sleeping woman on Spirit Airlines flight

Prabhu Ramamoorthy, residing in the country on a temporary visa was accused of abusing a 22-year-old on a Spirit Airlines flight from Las Vegas to Detroit on January 3 while his wife was reportedly seated net to him.

Prabhu Ramamoorthy an Indian national has been living in the US on the temporary visa and he was caught abusing a 22-year-old girl sitting next to him. She also told police that she fell asleep against the window and when she woke up her shirt and trousers had been unbuttoned and she had been sexually assaulted by the man in the seat next to her. The victim said she woke up to Ramamoorthy penetrating her with his fingers and The girl complained the flight attendants after she found her trousers and shirt unbuttoned.

The teenager - an unaccompanied minor on braces because of foot damage - had told the Federal Bureau of Investigation that a 45-year-old pilot grasped her butt, touched her internal thigh and halfway inclined toward her as she was dozing in her seat by the window, the Free Press detailed at the time.

The victim told the investigating officials that she woke up to find Ramamoorthy's hand inside her trousers and he reportedly stopped after the victim woke up, reported Times Now.

The prosecutor, Amanda Jawad claimed that Ramanmoorthy had given "conflicting statements" saying, 'both Ramamoorthy and his wife gave lengthier statements later indicating that the pill Ramamoorthy had taken was "plain Tylenol"'. He stopped assaulting the victim after she woke up.

The incident was reported at about 5.30 am, 40 minutes ahead of the flight landing, Jawad said.

The wife drew the same story similar story and she added that she approached the flight attendants attempting to change their seats. Magistrate Judge R Steven Whalen ordered Ramamoorthy to be held pending trial.

A Spirit Airways flight from Las Vegas to Michigan saw an Indian man Prabhu Ramamoorthy sexually abuse a female passenger

Flight attendants say that never happened.

"It seems that she's (wife) either colluding with the defendant to cover up his actions or she's completely oblivious to what he did", Jawad argued, according to Washington Post. Prabhu even traveled with his wife and she was beside him when the incident took place.

Ramamoorthy has worked as a project manager in Metro Detroit for more than two years, defense lawyer Richard O'Neill said.

O'Neill did not return a request for comment on Thursday.

Stephen Schuler, a spokesman for Spirit, said it was cooperating with law enforcement on the incident. According to a survey done by the Association of Flight Attendants union that the report cited, one out of five attendants said they had dealt with complaints of sexual assault made by passengers.

In the USA, the number of sexual assault cases has only increased in the last few years.

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