Instagram will start showing recommended post in your photo feed

Instagram will start showing recommended post in your photo feed

Referred to as "recommended posts", this feature has not been well received by the users. Instagram is now going to start showing "recommended" posts in your main feed.

"These posts are suggested based on posts liked by accounts you follow", Instagram explains on its support pages, adding that you can choose to hide the recommended posts if you feel they somehow upset the serenity of your carefully curated feed. People feel "Recommended for You" posts should be put in "Explore" section, making it easier for users to view them, only when they wish to.

This feature, meant to help broaden a user's reach to more content, comes a couple of weeks after Instagram announced support to follow hashtags, rather than just specific accounts. The photo-sharing platform has offered recommended content in the past.

This new section, entitled "Recommend for You", was spotted while in testing earlier this month, according to Tech Crunch.

Get ready, because Instagram is changing again. However, the addition of recommended content on the home feed is perhaps one of the biggest changes since the platform made a decision to switch its feed from chronological to algorithmic. But the new change will bring this new feature to your feed.

Users have choice to follow a hashtag or the new recommended.

It's very hard though to see why this could be a problem for anyone.

It is worth noting that with the introduction of the "recommended posts", Instagram has done away with the chronological feed. Users may be less inclined to hit "like" when posts are more prominently visible to their friends. However, things have changed and Instagram users will now be viewing the content directly on their homepages. The hashtag follow feature is optional and is dependent on the user clicking the hashtag, however, the "Recommended for You" is not optional and will appear in your feed whether you like it or not. IM LOOKING AT YOU, @instagram! clear up my feed.

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