Limited Visitations At Hospitals In Springfield Due To Flu

Limited Visitations At Hospitals In Springfield Due To Flu

"Flu season typically peaks in January and February, so there is still time to protect yourself and your family from the flu", said Dr. Anissa Davis, Long Beach city health officer, in a statement.

The Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) on Friday issued an alert of increased influenza (flu) activity across the state.

"First is if someone is sick make sure you stay home, don't go around too many people", he said.

This season's vaccine is only 10 percent effective against the H3N2 strain in Australia, the dominant strain of influenza.

"There aren't very many of these studies, but they are starting to come out now that suggest it will reduce the severity of your illness and the duration of your illness even if you do get the flu".

Arkansas is one of 23 states where influenza activity is rated as widespread by the Centers for Disease Control. At least 11 people younger than 65 have died in California, while North Carolina has reported 12 deaths and SC seven.

Health and Human Services officials in Boone and Cole counties confirm that cases of the flu continue to rise as the year ends.

In Montrose, California, physician assistant Jennifer DeMoss said the flu season has been "crazy so far".

As of Wednesday, UT Medical Center had seen 64 people in December who tested positive for the flu. People sick with the flu should stay home from work or school and look into antiviral medications offered at doctors' offices.

Along with other surveillance components, influenza-like illness is tracked as part of the CDC's ILINet program with the help of volunteer sentinel providers comprised of private providers, occupational health providers, student health clinics and emergency departments. And, whenever this strain of flu virus has caused most of the sickness, more hospitalizations and deaths occurred in both young children and in people 65 and older, compared to other age groups.

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