Two flights canceled at Colorado Springs Airport due to Atlanta power outage

Two flights canceled at Colorado Springs Airport due to Atlanta power outage

"I don't know why they don't get one of those giant-sized generators out here and hook it up", said Browne, 55, a 22-year veteran trying to get back home to central Texas. The fire caused multiple faults that led to the full blackout at 1:06 p.m.

Oakland International airport also has one canceled flight to Atlanta.

The world's busiest airport was literally left in the dark all day and night on Sunday.

The outage, which affected all airport operations, started with a fire in a Georgia Power underground electrical facility, Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed said.

Although firefighters responded to the fire shortly after it sparked around 12:45 p.m., it took about two hours to investigate and extinguish the blaze and hours more to clear the tunnels of noxious fumes, Reed said, before utility officials could inspect and begin to fix the damage.

Delta is the biggest airline at the Atlanta airport.

"They're studying us like a frog under the glass", Brosnan said, "they're assessing vulnerabilities at all times".

Biscaro did get her bags in Raleigh after waiting a few hours for the next flight to arrive.

Some passengers complained about a lack of information from airport officials and little help from emergency workers to get the disabled and the elderly through the airport without the use of escalators and elevators.

The city of Atlanta opened the Georgia International Convention Center and offered shuttle services there for stranded passengers who needed a place to stay for the night, according to the city's verified twitter account. "We have backup power in case there is an event that causes a disruption of primary power", Begley said.

Anthony Foxx, who was transportation secretary under President Barack Obama, was among many travelers stuck for hours in a plane on the tarmac. She said restaurants and shops were closed.

Thomas, the Delta spokesman, said that since then, the airline has put more flight crews on reserve and installed computer technology to quickly assemble properly rested crews. Everything was at a standstill on Sunday about 1 p.m., the same time Williams had arrived.

Though Williams remained jovial and upbeat about everything that happened, she did say the worst part of the ordeal was there was no communication from the airport authority or the airline about what was happening.

Delta, which has its headquarters and largest hub in Atlanta, canceled more than 900 Delta mainline and regional flights as a result of the ground stop.

LeBron was changing planes at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport on his way home from Albuquerque, where the Colorado State University football team played in Saturday's New Mexico Bowl. Almost 2,500 planes arrive and depart each day.

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