Charities Need A Helping Hand

Charities Need A Helping Hand

By 11 a.m., fewer than 20 bicycles remained and very few bags of toys and food. Higgins says the charity is special to him because the organization has helped him in the past.

Besides toys, money was also donated to the campaign.

The campaign is the major fundraiser for the Salvation Army, and thanks to helping hands, the overhead is low.

The Salvation Army in State College is concerned they won't meet their goal of more than $50,000 this year.

They're asking for help making Christmas wishes come true. On Tuesday evening, there were only four volunteers available for the 15 red-kettle stands in the Lowell area.

This year's Red Kettle Campaign kicked-off Monday, Nov. 13, but bell ringing didn't begin until Saturday, Nov. 25. We still have three others where we're going to give out another 413 care packages.

Instead of sitting at home, Payton made a decision to get out and do what he could to help his community when his wife mentioned the Salvation Army's need for bell ringers.

The Salvation Army is urging donors to take advantage of tax relief by donating their IRA charitable rollover distributions to The Salvation Army, Genesee County.

But hundreds more might go without this year, because the need is outpacing donations.

She has reached out to different people in town, encouraging families to participate, but has so far been unsuccessful in finding the volunteers she needs.

"I've never seen that much help needed, especially last minute like this", Antoine said.

Or maybe, despite all the visibility and publicity it receives every holiday season, most people don't really have a clear idea of what the Salvation Army is all about.

The annual cram the cruiser fundraiser for the Houston Salvation Army Christmas hampers was on December 2, 2017 in front of the recently reopened grocery store, Buy-Low Foods.

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