Israel says it destroyed Hamas tunnel utilizing new strategies

Israel says it destroyed Hamas tunnel utilizing new strategies

The IDF warning came just one day after rocket fire from Gaza struck southern Israel amid ongoing regional tensions stemming from the U.S. recognition of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital.

Such tunnels have been used in the past to carry out attacks.

The Israel Defense Forces discovered and demolished a terror tunnel that crossed into Israel from central Gaza. While the existence of the tunnel was revealed on Sunday it had been discovered earlier, the miltiary said.

Israel has made neutralizing the tunnel threat a top priority since that war, when Hamas militants on several occasions made their way into Israel.

Conricus described the tunnel as "very substantial", saying it contained communication systems, air vents, electricity and reinforced concrete structure.

"This is the second terrorist tunnel found and destroyed by the [IDF] army within the last month and a half", he added.

Hamas has built a sophisticated network of terror tunnels in the Gaza Strip and running into Israel, used for storing weapons, smuggling and terrorist infiltrations into Israel. It was located about a kilometer from an Israeli community. Meanwhile, Hamas's "restraint" forces are preventing rocket-launchers from reaching the Israeli border area, as attempted launches towards Israel have landed in Gaza.

The move is being seen as a furious retaliation to US President Donald Trump's decision to officially recognise Jeruselum as Israel's capital.

Hamas' military wing issued a statement earlier Sunday threatening Israel with a "heavy price".

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