As Fires Spread Across Los Angeles, Museums and Galleries Close

As Fires Spread Across Los Angeles, Museums and Galleries Close

The unsafe Santa Ana winds that have fanned fires across Southern California this week have diminished over the new LA fire but conditions are very dry, with just 9 percent relative humidity.

But if there's a shift or a temperature inversion, there's a chance smoke from the fire could be a factor in a city that's been dealing with smog issues for more than half a century. There is now a mandatory evacuation zone for residents on either side of the 405 freeway, map is below.

The largest closure was in the Los Angeles Unified School District, which shut down all of its schools in the San Fernando Valley and a smaller batch on the Westside through Friday.

The Getty Center and the nearby Skirball Center, both on the west side of the freeway, did not appear to be threatened, though both remained closed Thursday.

That fire has now reached 96,000 acres, and officials fear the worst wind day so far this week in Southern California as the region battles major brushfires, scorching nearly 120,000 acres altogether.

As massive fires rage to the north and east of Los Angeles, a brush fire has broken out east of the 405 freeway near homes and cultural institutions.

Commanders hoped to have them back in the air on Wednesday morning, but all indications are the winds will be whipping then too.

The fire is burning in a similar area to the 1961 Bel-Air Fire - the last major fire in that area - which destroyed more than 500 homes and was brought to a halt with favorable wind conditions, Terrazas said.

In all, hundreds of thousands of students were affected as schools closed their doors and evacuations spread across portions of Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and Ventura counties.

The Los Angeles Times reports that several homes in Bel-Air have already burned.

Cheviot Hills Recreation Center, 2551 Motor Ave. "So the fires are causing my classes to be cancelled".

The Times devoted a website to live updates on the wildfires. "Due to the brushfire in the vicinity, the Skirball will be closed today 12/6 until further notice", the institution announced in a series of tweets. This system will keep the smoke and air pollutants from getting into the facility, and by closing the museum this week, the Getty is preventing the harmful air from entering the building through any open doors.

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