Apple Fixes iOS 11.2 Homekit Vulnerability

Apple Fixes iOS 11.2 Homekit Vulnerability

The bug, which was initially spotted by 9to5Mac, reportedly made it possible for an outside party to access things like smart locks and garage doors.

Apple has fixed a security flaw in its HomeKit system that could have let unauthorised people control smart home gadgets such as door locks and lights. However, the fix does disable some of the HomeKit functionality for remote users, although the disruption to the service's functionality will be fixed in the future iOS update.

For the vulnerability to be exploited, a user would need at least one iPhone or iPad running iOS 11.2 and would have to be connected to the HomeKit user's iCloud account. However, any security flaw that potentially gives a stranger access to your hack is bad news for Apple and the trustworthiness of smart home accessories in general. Apple has confirmed, however, that an iOS 11.2 update arriving next week will restore any broken functionality. However, the vulnerability did not impact earlier versions of the operating system. Recently, cyber security experts brought a major password glitch to Apple's notice, on which, the company said it will fix the issue in the next update.

Although the flaw didn't concern connected smart home products, instead it was to do with the HomeKit framework itself that helps to connect the different products from various smart device makers.

In a statement, the firm said: "Security is a top priority for every Apple product, and regrettably we stumbled with this release of MacOS". Unfortunately, Apple's server-side fix also prevents you from giving remote access to shared users.

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