Prince George asks Santa for police vehicle

Prince George asks Santa for police vehicle

During the recent royal visit to Finland, Prince William brought along his son's letter and delivered it straight to Santa himself.

Prince George said in the letter that he had been "nice" and asked for a toy police auto, according to People.

Photos show George's letter written in big letters, where he has also circled that he has been "nice" rather than "naughty" this year. That's when he handed him George's Christmas list, which one thing written on it: a police auto.

The youngster appears to have also circled an option stressing he's been on his best behaviour for the past year.

William laughed and added: "He hasn't written down many requests, so I think one request is probably ok".

It's unclear if he means a toy car or the real deal
It's unclear if he means a toy car or the real deal

Santa seemed to agree, nodding his head as the Duke of Cambridge pointed at the word.

He met with hundreds of well-wishers in beforehand, and members of Finland's air force at Helsinki Airport where he could see military aircrafts on display.

Earlier today the Duke of Cambridge, 36, was seen admiring a pair of hobby horses - an ideal gift for either Charlotte or George - during a visit to a tech festival in Helsinki on Thursday.

Signing the letter "Love, George" with some seriously adorable 4-year-old penmanship, it's hard to imagine anyone saying no to the little guy.

Yesterday William joked that brother Harry's engagement to Meghan Markle should hopefully stop him nicking his food.

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