Rush is on for Christmas tree growers

Rush is on for Christmas tree growers

A looming Christmas tree shortage across the country means you may not want to wait to purchase that piece of festive decor.

Kazery says 200 hundred trees are for sale on his farm.

Many tree farms cut back on plantings six and seven years ago because of a weak economy.

Wahmhoff said that they get over 100 volunteers to help load trees each year. They didn't grow anymore and now were starting to see the effects down the road from that time. "I plan on growth about five percent a year maybe a bit more, but when we have as many new customers this year, it's really hard".

Holiday Hill will be open until Christmas.

As for the Mitchells, their tree may be smaller this year, but they were still happy to participate in a tradition that's been going on for generations.

"You've got to make sure you keep it watered", he said.

In addition to that, Brougham's main Colorado supplier went out of business, so you'll find trees from New Mexico and MI at Luckylure. Look for a tree that has good green color.

Piper Mountain Christmas Trees has been involved with this initiative for the past ten years. The fresher the tree, the less likely it will pose a fire hazard.

If your space is very restricted and you want an extremely slim tree, Wyevale offers a Swedish style Nordmann, which costs slightly less than a traditional Nordmann - but there won't be as many of them and they sell out first. They hold their needles well, but only if care is taken to make sure they never run out of water.

Good night, tree: Turn the lights off on the tree before you go to bed or you leave the house.

Many garden centres also sell artificial thin trees which are nearly like a standard, just with branches on the upper third of the tree.

To be honest, the whole thing is pretty practical, just think of all the extra floor space you will have for prezzies underneath. Put an adequate amount of water in the stand.

- Get rid of the tree after Christmas. They may hold a big community bonfire or grind the trees into mulch that can be used for the garden in spring.

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