Harrison Ford aids injured woman after crash

Harrison Ford aids injured woman after crash

Harrison Ford is known for his leading roles in many hit franchises. He pulled over and rushed to the woman's aide, as did other bystanders, to get her safely out of the vehicle while paramedics arrived. The actor - who is known for his fearless, heroic roles in movies like Star Wars and Indiana Jones - did not hesitate to rush to the woman's side. Witnesses say Ford was driving behind her when she lost control.

According to USA Today, the sedan had rolled down the embankment and hit a tree, so this wasn't any minor accident. On Sunday, the star reportedly helped a woman who crashed her vehicle on the highway.

Harrison Ford Still Playing Hero ... Helps Woman Who Drove Off Highway

Harrison Ford has once again shown his real-life hero credentials after helping to rescue a woman following a auto crash in California.

This isn't the first time that the actor has shown quick-thinking and a willingness to help others in potentially unsafe situations. Back in September, he was captured on video directing traffic in NYC's Midtown Tunnel after cars were stuck in standstill traffic because of a auto crash pile up inside the tunnel.

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