Google will fix Pixel 2 XL touchscreen issue in software update

Google will fix Pixel 2 XL touchscreen issue in software update

Another user put together a video demonstrating issue, highlighting that swipes towards the edge usually work, but taps are hit or miss.

Not all issues have concerned the screen, but it's safe to say that it has been the main culprit for Pixel 2 XL disasters. Fortunately, there is a difference with the cases of an unresponsive touchscreen that would be good news for owners of the much-maligned device. However, tapping on the edges is not always detected by the handset.

This is likely caused by Google's software being a little aggressive when it comes to rejecting accidental touches. No one has come up with a solution yet, with the original poster stating that Google's standard screen troubleshooting advice doesn't work.

Google has now revealed details on how its Pixel 2 and 2 XL smartphones record videos, the company uses a combination of electronic image stabilization (EIS) and optical image stabilization (OIS) to record video. To solve the problem, Google has promised its users that soon a software update will be released consulting the display issues faced worldwide.

Google addressed a number of complaints with a software update last week, and it might need to do something similar again.

There have been a variety of Google Pixel 2 XL display problems that have frustrated owners of the smartphone. "There is a fairly large area in the bottom right corner that is unresponsive, and the taps aren't registered", a Pixel 2 XL user wrote while explaining the issue on the support forum. Cautious customers might want to go for the smaller HTC-made Pixel 2 instead. As a part of master promotion plan, Indian users will also get free wireless earphones from Sennheiser worth Rs. 11,990 free with each Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL order.

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