Taylor Swift's 'reputation' operates as a catchy Burn Book

Taylor Swift's 'reputation' operates as a catchy Burn Book

Making it clear old Taylor is in the past, new Taylor reveals her mission during "Look What You Made Me Do", the first single released from the album, confessing that forgiving and forgetting simply isn't in her wheelhouse.

She additionally wrote a heartfelt letter to fans in Reputation's album booklet. "But then we wake up, look in the mirror at our faces and see the cracks and scars and blemishes, and cringe". The release of Reputation this week is just further proof of that, and now we're all going to ride the wave of her latest success whether we want to or not. We are mosaics of our worst selves and our best selves, our deepest secrets and our favourite stories to tell at a dinner party, existing somewhere between our well-lit profile photo and our drivers license shot. On the handsome, lovely side of that, I've been so lucky to make music for a living and look out into crowds of loving, vibrant people. "There will just be reputation".

When she took the stage for a second time, Swift slowed things down, playing an acoustic version of the sweet love song, "Call It What You Want".

As of press time, analysts believe "reputation" can sell upwards of 1.37 million pure U.S. copies in its first week of release. A cellist and four vocalists back Swift for the track, which is rumored to reference ex-boyfriends and her feud with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian; keeping with the theme of the song, for the SNL performance, the singer wore a shirt with a picture of a snake on it.

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