Driverless vehicle involved in crash in first hour of first day

Driverless vehicle involved in crash in first hour of first day

Las Vegas' first driverless shuttle hit the streets on Wednesday and was promptly hit by a truck. City officials were quick to throw the human under the.shuttle as well, with one even going so far as to tell KSNV News that the whole thing could have been avoided "had the truck had the same sensing equipment that the shuttle has".

The autonomous shuttle was testing today when it was grazed by a delivery truck downtown.

But, just an hour into its year-long trial (which follows a successful stint in January) the shuttle was hit by a delivery truck that was backing up.

The bus, just minding its own business, stopped the moment it saw the truck but was sadly unable to avoid the rather considerable scraping it received. The operation is part of a 12-month pilot program, the city said.

This is not the first time that self-driving technology has been involved in a crash.

Why did they launch the self-driving shuttle? The issue here is that while the Navya shuttle bus was able to come to a complete stop using its autonomous tech, it was unable to simply back up a few feet and get out of the reversing semi's way.

Navy ARMA's driverless bus will begin shuttling passengers along a half-mile route in downtown Las Vegas.

Vegas's self-driving shuttle is operating in real-time traffic, a first for any city in the nation, and so it is being closely watched by many. The shuttle is operated and maintained by Keolis, which also led the efforts to integrate its vehicle into the smart-city infrastructure, in partnership with the city of Las Vegas and NAVYA. However, the autonomous shuttle was not at fault - the human driver of the other vehicle was to blame. That's questionable, but it remains true that one of the biggest hurdles for autonomous cars to overcome is the unpredictability of other human drivers In March, a self-driving Volvo XC90 developed by Uber rolled over after colliding with another auto whose driver failed to yield like he was supposed to.

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