West Ottawa High School students honor men and women who serve

West Ottawa High School students honor men and women who serve

Su Valley Jr/Sr High School Principal, Lisa Shelby wrapped it up with encouraging words for everyone who attended the ever popular and uplifting Assembly that honors the many Veterans who call the Upper Susitna Valley home.

Veterans stand during Sanchez Elementary School's Veterans Day celebration.

"Just honoring people who have fought and everyone (veterans/active duty) that's come to Staley and volunteered to serve our country", Staley sophomore Sydney Healy.

"Kids should really know why we have the freedoms we have today, and I know that is one thing that was opening to my eyes today when I walked around and talked to all the various veterans", Book said.

Staley High School has held the event every year since their opening in 2008.

At West Ottawa High School each year there are only four full-school assemblies. "We always said the Pledge of Allegiance and saluted the flag".

"We have been hosting the annual veteran's day assembly for the last 14 years", Melonas said.

"I did what any one else would have done", he said.

Ray Moore, of Aurora, a World War II veteran, spoke matter-of-factly about his service to his country.

"We're out here in the freezing cold just to give back", Staley senior Joseph Ramos said.

At least 20 of the students honoring the veterans had a father or a mother now serving in the military, which made the ceremony especially meaningful for them.

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