US Now Stands Alone As Syria Signs Paris Climate Agreement

US Now Stands Alone As Syria Signs Paris Climate Agreement

Nicaragua, the only other country who had not signed the deal, agreed to join the Paris Accord in October. Participating nations could set their own target emissions.

However, in June, President Donald Trump withdrew the nation from the agreement. That leaves the United States as the sole country to reject the agreement, a global effort to combat climate change.

"Hey @ec_minister - actually what your gov't should be saying about Syria", a tweet from Raitt's account said, linking to a U.S. State Department tweet about chemical-weapons use in Syria. They tweeted that to troll the Americans.

Nauert said that the department's under secretary for political affairs, Tom Shannon, would lead a USA delegation to the Bonn talks next week but that Trump's decision would stand.

The report comes after Nicaragua last month signed the agreement, which left the us and Syria as the only two countries not supporting it.

In an address to delegates at a global climate meeting in Bonn, Germany, Syria's deputy minister of local administration and environment, M. Wadah Katmawi, said his country would join the Paris deal "as soon as possible".

On June 2, former Secretary of State John Kerry of the Obama administration called the USA withdraw from the Paris agreement "one of the most cynical and frankly ignorant and risky, self-destructive steps that I've seen in my entire lifetime in public life". Nicaragua, which was one of the last holdouts, in September announced it would join the accord.

Membership for Syria under President Bashar al-Assad would isolate the United States, the world's biggest economy and second largest greenhouse gas emitter behind China, as the only nation opposed to the accord.

The UN is hosting the COP23 climate change conference this week in Bonn, Germany. Some 25,000 scientists, envoys, lobbyists and environmental activists have descended on the city for two weeks to figure out how to turn the goals of the Paris accord into reality. "While the White House declares war on climate science and retreats from the Paris Agreement, California is doing the opposite and taking action", said California Gov. Edmund G. Brown, Jr., who will be going to the meeting.

French President Emmanuel Macron plans a summit to push his "Make our Planet Great Again" agenda on December 12, the anniversary of the 2015 Paris climate accord.

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