'Harry Potter' version of Pokémon Go to be released next year

'Harry Potter' version of Pokémon Go to be released next year

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite uses state-of-the-art augmented reality technology to reveal the magic all around us. It does state that the game is co-developed by Warner Bros. Interactive and its new sub brand Portkey Games. The Harry Potter game is expected to be very similar to Pokemon Go.

While there is the potential for some augmented reality-style "creature" catching in the upcoming game, that's probably not what the game will aim for since Pokémon Go has basically cornered the market on that.

That's about all we know right now but we've reached out to contacts at both Warner Bros. and Niantic to find out more.

Niantic, Inc., builds mobile real-world experiences that foster fun, exploration, discovery and social interaction. Pokemon Go was released in July 2016 and quickly became a pop culture phenomenon, with over 750 million downloads in the first year.

In other Harry Potter news, it's been announced that the entire soundtrack will be released as a massive vinyl boxset later this month.

Niantic is a San Francisco-based company best known for developing augmented reality-based mobile games.

Wizards Unite will be available to smart phone users in 2018 through Niantic Labs.

Let's be real, if you grew up on Harry Potter you've probably spent a pretty significant part of your life wishing your Hogwarts letter would finally come so you could enter J.K. Rowling's magical world for real. Interactive made specifically for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Pictures, have grossed more than $7.7 billion to date worldwide at the box office, making Harry Potter the largest-grossing film franchise in history. According to Tech Crunch, the game does indeed exist, although Niantic has yet to publicly comment on the news thus far.

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