Rose McGowan's Women's Convention Speech Goes Off On Hollywood & Demands "No More!"

Rose McGowan's Women's Convention Speech Goes Off On Hollywood & Demands

Since the scandal, Harvey Weinstein broke out, one question remains central: how the famous american producer has he been able to do so for so long without that person does not report it?

The actress best known for her role on the WB Network series Charmed has built a large following online as an outspoken feminist, and gave a speech at the Women's Convention in Detroit on Friday. She said: "The triggering has been insane". I have been slut shamed, I have been harassed, I have been maligned, and you know what, I'm just like you.

With each passing day, more women are coming forward with horrifying accusations against the movie mogul, 65, who was sacked from his own company earlier this month after facing numerous allegations of sexual assault and harassment.

After the alleged incident, McGowan spoke to a female attorney who "had told her that because she had done nudity in movies that no jury would believe her and that it would turn into a he said/she said case", Rodriguez said.

Weinstein has previously denied allegations of non-consensual sex. When asked by the local media after her speech why she didn't say Weinstein's name, McGowan said, "It's a disgusting name to say and a terrible name to hear and it is a name that has haunted me". "I'm just like you", McGowan, 44, said.

Now actress Amber Tamblyn, who has been a vocal advocate against sexism and sexual assault in Hollywood, said that she personally told Tarantino to come forward with what he knew. McGowan has never been shy about attacking the way Hollywood treats women, but her own personal history with Weinstein, who she claims raped her in 1997, has become a point of focus in the last few weeks, something Weinstein was desperately trying to prevent.

The actress said that what happened to her behind the scenes has happened to others, and it "cannot stand".

"It's not", she said.

McGowan also called out Hollywood, the "mirror you're given to look into", for overwhelmingly employing men as directors.

"I know the men behind that view". However, she did not mention Weinstein's name.

McGowan told the Times that the offer, presented to her through her lawyer, included signing a non-disclosure agreement.

Watch out HW, if you come for one of us, you come for all of us.

"The linchpin has been pulled out of the grenade", Tamblyn said.

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