WWE Releases Darren Young and Summer Rae

WWE Releases Darren Young and Summer Rae

Emma has been in the professional wrestling industry since when she began training back in 2003. She was the first Australian woman to become a WWE star, signing with them in 2012.

Emma, genuine name Tenille Dashwood, started her WWE profession in Florida Championship Wrestling, the WWE's formative framework at the time. She found herself on the main roster again in 2016 but didn't get much of a push by the creative team. If she wants to, she could succeed literally anywhere, and she could prove to other mis-used women on the WWE main roster (and there are plenty) that there's opportunity for female wrestlers outside WWE. The company seemed more interested in giving her random losses or nonsensically changing her theme song to increasingly less applicable themes. She returned to the main roster in March of 2016 but never really connected with the WWE Universe with her gimmick.

Earlier today, WWE announced the release of Emma, Darren Young and Summer Rae. It saddens me that the "controversial tweet" got completely blown out of proportion and looked at in a very insensitive way.

On Twitter, Emma reacted to the news.

Not long after declaring Emma's discharge, the WWE conveyed a moment official statement on Sunday evening unveiling the arrivals of Young and Summer Rae.

It will be interesting to see if we receive more details about this sudden release, and it will also be interesting to see what Emma does next.

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