PM Modi: Government working on stricter consumer protection law

PM Modi: Government working on stricter consumer protection law

Speaking about the plans to introduce stricter consumer protection laws, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the new laws will be created to take action against misleading advertisements and provide time-bound justice to consumers.

The Prime Minister also said the prices of commodities were set to go down and consumer interests were to be protected effectively due to the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST).

The Prime Minister made the following remarks during the inaugural event of the International Conference on Consumer protection organized in association with the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). "The focus is on consumer empowerment and ensuring consumer faces no difficulties", he added.

Amid the Opposition criticism that the government had failed to implement GST properly, the PM said the GST would "create a new business culture" and "consumers would benefit the most from it". Also stringent provisions are proposed against misleading advertisements, PM Modi said. The Prime minister mentioned several important efforts taken by his government across various sectors like Housing, Energy, Standards, Healthcare, pharmaceuticals and medical devices and procedures that has resulted in financial benefits to consumers. "Due to GST, various indirect and hidden taxes have ceased to exist. The GST will boost the competition between the companies, which will decrease the prices of goods, in turn, benefitting the poor and the middle class consumers", the Prime Minister said. He added that the proposed Act lays big emphasis on consumer empowerment. Modi said a buyer can book flat with 10% booking amount from the earlier up to 40%. On the digital front he said efforts are on to ensure that at least one member in a rural family gets digitally educated so that the rural population can derive benefits from various government schemes and are able to use UPI, BHIM etc.

PM also highlighted the importance of an effective grievance redressal systems in a democracy, "We are integrating technology and ensuring stronger grievance redressal mechanisms", he said.

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