'Metal Gear Survive' Gets Feb 20, 2018 Release Date

'Metal Gear Survive' Gets Feb 20, 2018 Release Date

Konami is, in fact, going through with this and the publisher has a release date set.

Initially, the game was scheduled to release in 2017, but at E3, Konami revealed that the release had been postponed to 2018 as more time was needed to ideal the game.

The new game is a spinoff to the Metal Gear franchise where you have to fight off zombies.

Metal Gear Survive will feature a single-player campaign and a co-op mode that supports up to four players. However, gamers from the United Kingdom and European Union will get it two days later on February 22.

Metal Gear Survive will launch 22nd February 2018 in Europe and the 20th for the US.

No mention of the PC version yet though, so we're unsure if they will be releasing it on the same day or if the pre-order items will also be offered to those getting it off Steam.

No Australian/New Zealand release date has been announced as of writing. Metal Gear Survive pre-orders come with a Survival Bonus Pack that includes four gold-plated weapons, some metallic-coloured survival scarves, two in-game gestures, a Mother Base nameplate, and Kabuki facepaint. From Moby Dick Studio to repeated claims that he'll never make a Metal Gear game ever again (though at this point that seems certain), Kojima has fooled us time and time again. However, to match the success of Metal Gear is an uphill task.

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