Fallen soldier's widow: 'Nothing to say' to Trump

Fallen soldier's widow: 'Nothing to say' to Trump

Myeshia Johnson, widow of Sgt La David Johnson, told ABC that the US President made her cry as "he couldn't remember my husband's name" until he looked at a report in front of him. The widow also said Trump was "stumbling on trying to remember" her husband's name, which made her "cry even more".

Speaking to reporters, he said: "I did not say what she [Ms Wilson] said". In addition to Johnson, three other US soldiers were killed.

President Trump's condolence call to Myeshia Johnson sparked outrage when Democratic Rep. Frederica Wilson, a family friend, accused President Trump of making an insensitive remark to the widow. According to CNN, President Trump caused pain when Wilson said she overheard Trump telling Myeshia via a speakerphone that La David "knew what he signed up for" when he joined the military.

Trump's broadside came a day after the White House defended Chief of Staff John F. Kelly after he mischaracterized Wilson's remarks at a 2015 Federal Bureau of Investigation building dedication and called her an "empty barrel" making noise. "I know my husband's body from head to toe".

Wilson's account of the phone call was "100 percent correct", Johnson told George Stephanopoulos Monday on Good Morning America. "Whatever Ms. Wilson said was not fabricated", Johnson said in her first interview since her husband's death. "She is a highly respected Member of Congress who has demonstrated extremely competent leadership on a number of important issues, and we are especially proud of her fearless and uncompromising leadership to fight for the release of almost 300 Nigerian school girls who were kidnapped by the terrorist group Boko Haram. And that's what hurt me the most, because if my husband is out here fighting for our country and he risked his life for our country", she said. "I had a very respectful conversation with the widow of Sgt".

The conflict continued Tuesday with Wilson criticizing the condolence call to Johnson. "I don't know what's in that box. I don't have nothing to say to him". He went on to say that previous presidents didn't always call the families of fallen service members, and invoked the death of his chief of staff's son in commenting on the practices of President Obama following military casualties. She was principal of a school Johnson's father attended. "It could be empty for all I know".

She added, "I think that he has to admit what he did was incorrect in terms of the speech he mischaracterized".

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