Mersal row: BJP must respect free speech, says Congress

Mersal row: BJP must respect free speech, says Congress

"I have seen the clipping of the movie in which a question was asked on tax, in a democratic country every citizen has right to ask question", Congress leader Sushmita Dev told ANI.

Meanwhile, the controversy surrounding the dialogues over GST and digital India have helped the movie to draw more audience to theatres. The controversial scene itself speaks about how the government has failed its people even after levying high amount of taxes.

He had denounced "Joseph Vijay's hate campaign against Modi" in a tweet.

The critics may not have liked the film as it is said to be a mish-mash of earlier hits like Kamal Haasan's Apoorva Sagodharagal.

Parasakthi, the debut film of Tamil film icon Sivaji Ganesan had released in 1952 and Chidambaram's reference to it vis-à-vis the controversy over Mersal is perhaps because the movie's dialogues, written by DMK chief M Karunanidhi who was then a budding leader in the party and a screen writer, espoused reformist and egalitarian ideals.

BJP's TN Youth Wing leader SG Suryah posted tweets countering Mersal's claims on GST in Singapore. He said, "The film producer should remove the untruths regarding GST from the film". Mersal was certified. Don't re-censor it. Tamil Film Producers Council treasurer and producer of "Joker" S R Prabhu tweeted, "Those who can not tolerate criticism should not be part of a party or a government". In another scene, the movie takes a swipe at the digital India policy. The BJP has objected to what it termed as "untruths" regarding GST in the movie and wanted certain dialogues on the central taxation to be deleted. In a tweet, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi said, "Mr Modi, Cinema is a deep expression of Tamil culture and language". Now, few of the people from BJP party demand to remove this scene from the film.

After the meeting with BJP members, the film-producer revealed, "our honest approach to meet them in person, we thank them all, we explained the movie's objective, our stand and that this movie has not been produced with an intention to hurt anyone and they have generously accepted it".

BJP has come under public ire after it demanded cuts in the Tamil Blockbuster "Mersal". "Even an ordinary person should get access to proper medical amenities and this is the storyline of the movie".

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