Google Photos now uses facial recognition feature on pets

Google Photos now uses facial recognition feature on pets

Google Photos has been increasingly using AI-infused computer vision smarts for a while to help its 500 million-plus users organize their snaps, including auto-rotating tools and self-curating features. It's the ideal feature for pet lovers who like to show off pictures of their furry friends. Google began creating auto and dogs videos from the photos people shared in Google Photos library in May this year. Meanwhile, Google lets you search using animal emoji. Once they are up, the Google service sorts them accordingly so that pet owners can label them as they please. Hence, we don't need to search for "cat" or "dog" if you feel like looking at a picture of your pet dog "Oreo".

The update is already rolling out in multiple countries on both Android and iOS. It also grouped different gray shih tzus together and included a photo of a gray bunny in that cluster, too.

Google Photos can now tell when a picture has a dog or any other pet, the company said, adding that it will also be sorting them into their own groupings.

Lily Kharevych, a software engineer at Google Photos, says in a pawfully (sorry) pun-packed blog post: "If you have a bunch of photos of your furry friends, you now have the oppawtunity to see them all in one place in Google Photos". Thanks to Google Photos app developers, there is now a brilliant solution to this issue. Machine Learning technology has becoming more popular as many new apps are now compatible with this machine learning technology to do various tasks automatically with just one time setup.

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